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Sky Blues Blog

An enduring and award-winning passion project

Sky Blues Blog

Sky Blues Blog has been my personal passion project since 2008. More than a blog, it provided an outlet for my creative writing all while honing my digital marketing and website delivery skills. It put my name on the football blogging map, culminating in a Football Content Award for Best Football Club Blog in 2014, an achievement that I unashamedly dine off to this day.

While the writing is ultimately what drew attention towards a blog, it never hurts to put effort into how you present it, and I firmly believe that for a long time it has been the primary Coventry City blog out there. It’s running slightly dormant at the moment as I take a hiatus to focus on other projects, but I place so much of my success to the reputation I grew through Sky Blues Blog.

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The always excellent Neil Allison is back with his latest take on all things Coventry City.
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