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Quite OK Comedy

Launching an e-commerce clothing brand from scratch

Quite OK Comedy


I love comedy. This store acts as a window into that obsession.

I spent much of 2022 pursuing personal passion projects. Quite OK Comedy represents the full mix of my digital marketing skillset, from bespoke e-commerce and website development using the Shopify platform, through to brand design and definition.

Quite OK Comedy logo and website screenshots from the Website Design project by Neil Allison Digital Services


Predictably, I wanted Quite OK Comedy to stand out. From the nature of the t-shirt designs that I was creating, to the quality of the website experience and associated marketing assets. For every classy website out there, there are a hundred naff ones letting down the product or service they are selling.

The look and feel for Quite OK is bold, crisp and clear, and showcases a real desire to reflect the uniqueness of the products with an equally niche visual design.


Shopify is a superb platform that’s brought robust and trustworthy e-commerce capability to countless businesses. However, with great flexibility comes great potential for the uninitiated to overdo it. Shopify is laden with functionality and plugins that bloat the site and impact site speed if you go too mad. This is where most people get stuck (without even realising it).

My aim for Quite OK was to keep things precise, using only plugins and features that were necessary. Once again I saved cost by using a free theme as the base template, but you wouldn’t know. I’ve applied plenty of customisations to give things a bespoke feel, but crucially applied in a sustainable way to ensure theme updates can be implemented without masses of re-work.

Three screenshots from the Quite OK Comedy website showing the site in mobile responsive configuration


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