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Four Four Two


One of my favourite commissions came from the guys at Four Four Two who approached me in 2021 to provide some words for a “Best and Worst” feature about Coventry City.

FourFourTwo is the biggest football magazine in the world and somewhat wonderfully they continue to do print versions which is something I’m always keen on. Sure, I may be Señor Digital at heart but there’s just something hugely rewarding about being able to pick up a crisp copy of your work from the newsagents.

The brief was a simple one: knock together a double-page spread discussing the best and worst things about Coventry City. From best player in our history to the worst ever kit. Fortunately I tend to not take football too seriously so can do something like that without being too mean or overly cutting. The clearest bit of guidance I received was “anything goes – and you’re more than welcome (nay, actively encouraged) to have some fun with it”. And fun I did have. That freedom was delightful.

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Extract from "Your Club's Cult Heroes", Four Four Two

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