Football Manager screenshot showing James Maddison's profile from 2014

Football Manager

Research and data definition for one of the best selling games of all time

Football Manager


This was a fun gig. You know Football Manager? Well I was Coventry City researcher for a while, which in its simplest form involved researching and generating the data to ensure the players and the club’s in-game information was accurate and realistic. This meant I was responsible for ensuring the world knew James Maddison was going to be a superstar long before the big clubs got their hands on him.

“What’s that got to do with your digital capabilities”, I hear you cry?

Well, not much to be fair. But it was all very cool.

Football Manager 2014 header with logo and game cover
It’s been three years, during which you established yourself as our best Coventry City researcher to date. You were always reliable, consistent with your work and you provided high quality information that made managing the data an easy process. Thank you for your efforts.
What the Joint Head of English Research thought about Neil Allison



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