Big Break: Getting Started

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Big Break: Getting Started

Evening, campers.

As we enter the third week of what the Daily Mail is describing as “Allison’s Mad Move”, I thought I’d take a moment to ask the simple question: where are we?

The answer is equally straightforward. Right now, I’m loving it. All the things I promised myself I’d do with this time, I’m actually doing.

Sure, I’m getting up later than most, watching a few too many episodes of Peep Show – all while guzzling down an emphatic amount of Galaxy Minstrels. But these are the unashamed perks of being a temporary “bum”. I signed up for this life and there will be no apologies.

However, the other stuff – the reignite-my-brain, get-Neil-thinking stuff. That’s been far more productive.

I’ve rebuilt three websites. My own websites. I’ve re-worked and created a bunch of new branding collateral for my podcast. In between that I read The Rules of Wealth by Richard Templar. I’ve even completed a pain-in-the-arse full site WordPress migration (thanks in absolutely no part to the ruddy charlatans at GoDaddy support).

And you know the best thing about all this? It’s the hours I’m putting in to get it done.

Before you read that sentence again, allow me to clarify one thing: that’s in no way positioned as a weird productivity flex. Nor am I feeling forced or running up against some sort of inexplicable deadline. I’m putting in the hours because I love the topics, because I love the solutions and creativity needed, and quite frankly – because I simply can’t stop. One idea leads to the next, and before I know it it’s 2am and I’m knee-deep into building something new, or fixing the next thing on the list.

Admittedly, it’s not a routine I’m looking to sustain (heaven forbid), but I’ve quickly found some enthusiasm and energy again. So, you know what? Fuck it. Pour me another green tea* and let’s power through.

Filthy language aside, this is great for me. It was always one of the clearest motivations behind taking this break. I’d begun to stagnate. I’d lost my direction and drive and desperately needed to rekindle any semblance of passion for what I do (whatever it is).

I’m just two weeks into this process, so I still don’t have the answer (and don’t particularly need/want it yet), but I always felt the toughest part of this break would be the re-shift in mindset, shaking the paradox of choice and getting started with the process.

Turns out it’s been far easier than I imagined. I’ve got stuff to do and I’m picking something to try and am enjoying doing it.

Thank god.

This week: I’m going to write some words and record some stuff. I’ll be heading to London on Thursday to stare at some museums and hopefully catch up with a few people here and there. I’m also going to read Designing Your Life by Bill Burnett. Marvellous.

*That’s as much caffeine as I can handle without becoming incredibly aware of my own existence.

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